1. Why do you need my telephone number?

Before the delivery, we will contact you by telephone in order to arrange a delivery date. It is therefore essential that you give a number that we can use to contact you during the day.


2. How do you send your goods?

We use our forwarding agency to send our goods on pallets or send them with DHL logistics.


3. How long does the delivery take?

The forwarder commissioned by us will deliver the goods as soon as possible and will contact you in order to arrange a delivery date.


4. What do I do if I notice that the goods damaged or pieces are missing?

We do of course try to pack everything correctly and completely. It may, however, be the case that damages occur during the transportation of the goods or that pieces are missing. If this does happen, please do not hesitate to contact us.


5. How do I pay after I have purchased goods?

After your purchase, we will send you a link leading you to the payment procedure. You can also use this link to see the status of your order any time. If you choose to pay using PayPal, you will be forwarded to the PayPal payment area directly during the order process.


6. Are you part of the Dual System according to the Packaging Ordinance?

Yes we are.
Our contract number: 03051