Bathroom furniture - made in Germany - directly from the manufacturer: Carefully and conscientiously manufacturing bathroom furniture in Bremen

Bathroom furniture quality

abgerundete-eckenThe fact that both the sides and the front of the units are finished with a 3D film on MDF wood panels, completely matching the colour scheme, is a crucial quality feature of our Emotion bathroom furniture.
This is unique in this price range. Compare it for yourself!

Unit workmanship

All edges are completely machined for the perfect 3D look.

Modern assembly and production in Bremen

Our bathroom furniture is manufactured exclusively with German precision machinery at our modern production and logistics facility in Bremen. Our production plant recycles the unused raw materials, thus focusing on sustainability for future generations.

Highest technical standards for our whirlpools

Our bathroom furniture is produced in accordance with the highest German standards, meaning we guarantee 100% hygiene and health to protect you and your family. Our whirlpools are manufactured in accordance with VDE, hygiene and CE standards. Key technical components also feature "Made in Germany" engineering you can rely on.

From the dealer to the manufacturer

Unfortunately, we initially also had negative experiences, e.g. unreliable suppliers, harmful vapours from cheap material, or not properly tested technical equipment. That's when we realised we wouldn't import the bulk of our products from abroad, but would instead manufacture them ourselves.

You can shop cheaply online, directly from the factory

We have been able to maintain reasonable prices for our products. The secret lies in selling without any expensive middle man - directly from the factory to you the consumer.

Quality furniture made in Germany

As a result, we completely re-structured Emotion and made new investments, moving into our new, modern storage and production facility in Bremen's Hansalinie region at the end of February 2012. New jobs in bathroom furniture and whirlpool production, as well as warehouse logistics, have been created in the mid-term.

Our service to you

emotion-hotline-2Our hotline staff will gladly advise you on any of our products or our shipping process. Our top customer service has been a key factor in our success. The often anonymous Internet is given a human element through us - the Emotion team. We will gladly demonstrate our technical and qualitative competence to you every day.

We'd love to welcome you as an Emotion customer and demonstrate our quality and competence to you.
Yours sincerely
Dominik Entelmann, Management